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Clean Up the Kitchen with Storage Solutions

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Clear out kitchen clutter for good with proper pantry storage shelves and cabinets to make meal times and cleaning up a breeze. Multi Purpose Cabinet The kitchen is one of the most used areas of the home. Maximize this space and make the most out of your kitchen with a multi purpose cabinet to house a variety of different specialty items and goods to keep everything orderly and properly stored and hidden out of sight.   Try: Solutions Multi-Purpose Cabinet, …

How To Clear Closet Clutter

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Clear out your closet and make some room with versatile and essential space saving organizers that can be used in any closet or room throughout the house. Invest in additional closet storage solutions and organizers to make the most out of your small closet. Shop these space saving storage solutions: Garment Rack No more space in your closet? No problem! Make some space in that crowded closet of yours by adding a garment rack to your room. Additional hanging storage …

How To Outdoor Line and Air Dry Your Laundry

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Line and air dry your clothes outdoors to keep them feeling fresher for longer and lasting a lifetime. Natural sunlight keep whites whiter and your everyday clothes smelling fresh and clean. Ironing Board A tabletop ironing board is the ideal solution for any small living space. Iron out the wrinkles in your air-dried and line-dried clothes easily and efficiently. Try: Solutions Deluxe Mini-Board in Plaid, $16.99, at Iron and Board Holder Keep your laundry room neat and tidy with …

Corral the Clutter with Space Saving Solutions

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Corral the clutter with easy and versatile space saving organizers to neatly store and put everything in its proper place. Simple and streamlined shelving units make making and saving space easy and effortless. From shoe organizers to shelf storage to maximize vertical space, removing clutter has never been simpler or better looking! Closet Organizer Invest in a stackable shelf organizer to sort and store all your closet’s needs. Organize shoes, sweaters, shirts and more to utilize every inch of floor …

How To Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer

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Preserve your food and lock in freshness for longer using vacuum seal storage containers for your pantry and kitchen. How does a vacuum sealer work? Put your selected food items and dry goods inside one of the vacuum sealed food saving containers and use the pump to remove all the air from inside the container to seal it with an airtight close. It’s super simple and easy to use, but most people don’t realize that most foods spoil because they …

Did You Know?

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  Oxygen-free storage will extend the shelf-life. When you store your food reserves at the “optimum storage temperature (between 40°F and 60°F)” that temperature range ALONE can double the storage life. The shelf-life of storage foods is usually calculated on 70°F, which is considered “room temperature” and all foods will degrade quicker at temperatures warmer than room temperature. Even foods like MREs will degrade quickly if stored in hot temperatures. This is the projected storage life of MREs at different …

Create Your Own Creative Craft Space at Home

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Craft your own creative corner in the house with hobby and craft cases that keep all your project supplies neatly stored and organized. Scrapbook Case   Store all your scrapbooking paper and project essentials inside a clear case to easily identify your crafting supplies. Keep hard to organize trinkets and bits like buttons, stamps, stickers and more organized in individual compartments. Try: Solutions Large Scrapbook Case, Reg.5.99 SALE $4.79, at Hobby Case   Organize and securely store small accessories …

Special Somethings For Your Mom On Her Special Day

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Offer mom a few special somethings this month to help keep her organized and chic all at the same time. Let mom keep all her favourite things in tow when toting around her purse with pretty and polished purse organizers that stores everything in its place, making it easy and effortless for mom to find all she needs when she needs to. Try: Solutions Large Switch ‘n Tote in Black/Pink, $19.99, at Try: Solutions Small Pink Satin Purse Organizer, $29.99, at …

Give the Leading Lady in your Life a Happy Mother’s Day

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Give the leading lady in your life a chance to shine all year long with jewelry polishers that work to restore brilliance back into your mom’s favourite gems and jewels for a helpful gift that’ll turn tarnish into treasures.  Silvers Spruce up your silver with a polish that creates the look of precious patinas again. Try: Solutions Silver Polish, $12.99, at Jewels Fine jewels are brilliant and dazzling once more with a polish that works on all of your …

Gorgeous Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

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Shower mom with endless amounts of love and gifts this mother’s day to really show how much she really means to you. Celebrate in style by pampering your #1 mom with cute cosmetic storage solutions to help keep mom looking pretty after all these years.   Try: Solutions Cosmetic Organizer, $24.99, at Try: Solutions 12 Space Lipstick Holder, $4.99, at Try: Solutions 3 Step Cosmetic Organizer with 6 Drawers, $39.99, at