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All About Solutions Your Organized Living Store

Welcome to our brand new blog! My name is Randi, and I am going to be writing to you about Solutions, our products, tips on organizing, and anything else that pops into my head! I think the best reason for me to write this blog is that like many of you, I have my messy moments. Wait a minute, a messy person working for an organizational supplies company – isn’t that an oxymoron? It’s a common joke that when I …

Store Me: Laundry

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The easiest way to eliminate mess and clutter from your home is by making sure clothes that have been worn have a place to go. We have a variety of solutions to help you store your clothes before they go to the laundry room. These products are great for saving space. Try: Accordion Clothes Dryer- Sku: 41528 Regular Price $ 34.99 SALE 24.99 at Try: Three Section Laundry Sorter-Sku: 49577 Regular Price $ 39.99 SALE $29.99 at Try: …

Cool Holiday Gift Ideas

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The weather is getting colder, holiday decorations are filling the streets and shoppers are swarming stores for the latest deals as Christmas approaches. We’ve got some awesome Christmas gift ideas to make holiday shopping much easier this year! Try: Solutions iHorn Boombox, Reg. $7.99, Sale $6.39, at Try: Solutions Fleur Over the Door Scarf Hanger, $16.99, at   Try: Solutions Turtle Jewellery Canister, $19.99, at   Try: Solutions 3D Playing Cards, Reg. $9.99, Sale $7.99, at

Gift Ideas for the “Hard to Buy”

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The majority of us have that one friend, relative, spouse or Secret Santa co-worker that we have trouble shopping for when Christmas time comes along. It’s hard to figure out what to buy for the person who has everything, or for someone you don’t know well enough. We’ve put together a few suggestions that will make the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list! Try: Peacock Jewellery Tree, $24.99, at Try: iHorn Boombox, Reg. $7.99, SALE $6.39, at …

Tis’ the Season to be Prepared

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For most of us, the holiday season is a time to cherish memories, spend time with family and celebrate, although we often forget about the stress and anxiety it might bring. Sure, we love to sing carols, enjoy holiday meals and unwrap presents, but we also have to deal with Christmas shopping and holiday preparation. Below are a few tips to help manage your holiday preparation ahead of time: Create a Shopping List Take an hour out of your day …

Cedar Home Essentials

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Cedar trees grow in the damp areas of the Pacific Northwest of North America, such as British Columbia. The trees are best known for having self-protective qualities, allowing the trees to fend off numerous insects, as well as other temperature related stresses. These qualities make cedar wood great for home use and building material! Benefits: – Cedar is a light wood, making it a high insulating material. – Cedar doesn’t change its shape or size despite humidity and other harsh …

Keeping Your Locker Organized

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Your locker is the most important space that you own during the school season! This makes it important to keep it clean and organized, saving you time shuffling through piles of papers and clothing that you threw into your locker in between classes. Below are four simple tips to remember when it comes to keeping this area clean! 1. Decide What You Need Start off by removing all papers, binders, snacks, and other items from your locker. After all items …

Organizing Your Child’s Toys

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Organization is key when your child has numerous toys scattered all over their bedroom, the living room, the basement and anywhere else you can imagine! Here are three things to remember when teaching your kids how to stay organized! Keep Organizing Fun _ Exciting It is important to teach your children how to organize their own toys and put them back where they belong. You can emphasize that keeping toys in safe places will help them stay in good shape, …

Keeping Your Notes Organized

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Is your dorm room, office or home desk filled with post-it notes, reminders and important dates? Keep your notes organized in a fun, trendy fashion using memo, cork and magnetic boards. The Combo Board Combine your weekly calendar with your notes and reminders using a combo board. The dry erase feature allows you to easily update your days, appointments and other plans while erasing everything you have already done. Spice up the look of the board by adding fun pictures …

Maximize Your Closet Space

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Shoes, summer dresses, winter sweaters and everyday jeans are only a few of the items that fill up your closet space. Although many of us would love to have a closet as large as our bedroom, smaller living spaces and built-in closets make this idea very difficult. We’ve found a few simple solutions that will maximize any closet space in your home! The Double Hanger Hanging your shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses and jackets is important for eliminating wrinkles and providing …