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10 Must haves for University Living

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When transitioning from high school to university, there is a lot to think about. Finding organizational techniques and products to maximize small spaces can be challenging. Here are ten products that will help in a smooth transition to a more organized lifestyle. The Genius Desk is perfect for off campus living as it is small and versatile. It has a special compartment for stationery and for holding a tablet making it the ultimate place for studying. To top it all off there is a magnetic …

All About Solutions Your Organized Living Store

Welcome to our brand new blog! My name is Randi, and I am going to be writing to you about Solutions, our products, tips on organizing, and anything else that pops into my head! I think the best reason for me to write this blog is that like many of you, I have my messy moments. Wait a minute, a messy person working for an organizational supplies company – isn’t that an oxymoron? It’s a common joke that when I …

Store Me: Laundry

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The easiest way to eliminate mess and clutter from your home is by making sure clothes that have been worn have a place to go. We have a variety of solutions to help you store your clothes before they go to the laundry room. These products are great for saving space. Try: Accordion Clothes Dryer- Sku: 41528 Regular Price $ 34.99 SALE 24.99 at Try: Three Section Laundry Sorter-Sku: 49577 Regular Price $ 39.99 SALE $29.99 at Try: …

Kitchen Cabinet Favourites

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Do you ever have trouble reaching all the way to the back of your cabinets? Eliminate the hassle with our Sliding Organizing System. Available in both white and chrome finishes, you can now customize your cabinet for maximum efficiency. Great for kitchen, bathroom or Laundry room.   Try our Three Tier Sliding Organizer Regular Price $99.98 SALE $84.98 at

Easy way For Spring Cleaning

Junk the junk drawer! Almost everyone has a junk drawer. You know, that drawer that catches everything from keys to pens to spare change and the odd nail?   Imagine the sense of accomplishment when you finally tackle that annoying little drawer.Whether you use plastic containers, an ice cube tray or zip tie baggies to organize items, just do it!  Stackable Wine Holder sku 46453 Have your home professionally deep cleaned! Of course, we think the best way to welcome spring …

Decorating with Wicker

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Spruce up your home this summer by adding some new colour and texture. Wicker will give you the perfect (and inexpensive) pop that will give your living room, bedroom or any other room in your home a brand new, refreshing look! Wicker is made from cane, rush, willow or reed, and a few other plant materials that hold their form very well after they dry. You can buy countless products made from wicker, whether it is a full backyard patio …

Tidy Up Your Cabinet Space

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Cabinets are usually overloaded with anything you can fit through the cabinet door, especially when you don’t have a very large kitchen, bathroom or storage area to organize household items and other products. This makes it very difficult to find a window cleaner, garbage bags, or the maple syrup you need for your hot pancakes when needed. Utilize your small space by adding different sized organizers and other helpful gadgets to make food, pots, pans, and other products easier to …

How To Outdoor Line and Air Dry Your Laundry

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Line and air dry your clothes outdoors to keep them feeling fresher for longer and lasting a lifetime. Natural sunlight keep whites whiter and your everyday clothes smelling fresh and clean. Ironing Board A tabletop ironing board is the ideal solution for any small living space. Iron out the wrinkles in your air-dried and line-dried clothes easily and efficiently. Try: Solutions Deluxe Mini-Board in Plaid, $16.99, at Iron and Board Holder Keep your laundry room neat and tidy with …

Efficient Energy Saving Fixes for Your Home

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Create substantial savings in your home by performing these simple efficient energy saving fixes throughout the house. 1. Seal Leaks   Pesky air leaks around electrical outlets allow for conditioned air to be let in. Installing a barrier around your home’s electrical outlets allows for air to stay in rather than leaking out into your space, making your home work harder than it has to. Unscrew the outlet cover, install the gasket and replace the wall cover to keep your home working …

5 Easy Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips for Your Home

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Lighten the load on the environment when you do your regular household chores. Reduce the impact your laundry leaves on the planet by starting fresh for spring and going green for efficient eco-friendly results. Live simply and smart with the easy switch of your laundry system for a big difference when it comes to save energy, time and money! Temperature Control Switch that dial to cold to control the temperature of your washing machine and see your laundry become more …