Did you know Solutions is Celebrating it’s 15 Year Anniversary?

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Solutions Organize Living Store is celebrating it’s milestone 15 year Anniversary this October. Solutions opened its first location in Whitby, Ontario in 1999. Since then, we have added 14 locations across Ontario—including our web store—plus a Head Office and Distribution Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. We are a proud Canadian owned Company with over 200 employees ready to service your organizational needs.   As Canada’s premier organization store  we thrive on our mission to provide each customer with innovative solutions to …

CNE 2014

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Did you know that 1.3-1.4 million people visit the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) each year? Solutions has once again decided to be a part of this Canadian tradition and open a booth depicting the ideal/ dream closet. With countless ideas and products, Solutions brings a fresh and new approach to uncluttering your life with eco-friendly products. This year we are engaging the public to join us in planting a million trees worldwide. A simple sign-up gets you one tree planted. …

10 Must haves for University Living

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When transitioning from high school to university, there is a lot to think about. Finding organizational techniques and products to maximize small spaces can be challenging. Here are ten products that will help in a smooth transition to a more organized lifestyle. The Genius Desk is perfect for off campus living as it is small and versatile. It has a special compartment for stationery and for holding a tablet making it the ultimate place for studying. To top it all off there is a magnetic …

Scratch And Win!

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Don’t miss out on the hot deals this summer with our new Scratch and Win promotion! Everyone who plays is a winner, so why not join the fun! Pop by a Solutions store near you and play! ecommerce/control/pretailstorelocation  

Custom closet

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In my first post, I briefly mentioned the fact that we do custom closet design! I have small closets at home and I understand how hard it can be to organize a closet of any size. But trust me on this, whether you order a custom closet or come in to one of our stores to pick up separate pieces from around the store, you will be amazed at how much less stress you feel when your closets are organized! …

All About Solutions Your Organized Living Store

Welcome to our brand new blog! My name is Randi, and I am going to be writing to you about Solutions, our products, tips on organizing, and anything else that pops into my head! I think the best reason for me to write this blog is that like many of you, I have my messy moments. Wait a minute, a messy person working for an organizational supplies company – isn’t that an oxymoron? It’s a common joke that when I …

Give Dad the Gift of a Clean Garage

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As we celebrate Fathers’ Day, why not help Dad get organized? Whether he has a workbench area, gardening and lawn equipment, sports equipment, or fishing gear, Dad probably has an interest in getting the garage straightened up this season.  Not enough room on the walls or on the floor…NO PROBLEM. Get him hanging shelves that can be suspended from the ceiling. Have the ability to hang the bikes keeps them out out of the way in the winter but accessible enough …

Roofing, your Home's First Defense

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A home without a roof is not a house; it’s just an open box. In any part of the world, weather, dust, all sorts of débris and wind can cause major disruptions to home life and to valuable property.

In Canada, this problem is often exacerbated by really severe weather many more temperate regions never have to face. Calgary roofers are kept busy year around repairing and re-roofing homes in conjunction with new construction roofing.

Weather can take a severe toll on even the best roofs, and it is extremely important for every homeowner to be certain from season to season that the roof that covers and protects the home remains secure and strong.

Roofing comes in every imaginable material and in a great many different patterns and styles and every person has a particular idea of just what would be appropriate for a given home. Roofers know and understand that and will consult with and work with each homeowner to decide on exactly which style and material would be most suitable for a given situation.

Slate roofs are among the most beautiful as well as expensive. While they are not only beautiful, they have a classic appearance that many older, statelier homes cry out for. Today, there are imitation slate roofs that come very close to matching the real thing in appearance. While not perfect replacements for slate, these plastic polymer composites are extremely durable, made of individual tiles just like real slate and bear the hand-hewn appearance of real slate roofing tiles. Unless the owner insists on genuine slate, these can offer a long-lasting and beautiful addition to any home, immediately giving it an upscale appearance. They can come in a variety of different colors as well for those who enjoy something different.

Some tiles are clay, just as the typical Mediterranean tiles so often seen in Southern Europe and Mexico. Another is a combination of fiberglass and cement. These are only a few of the choices a homeowner may choose, depending on taste, the actual building and of course, the homeowner’s pocketbook.

Steel roofs are now available and can be among the more durable roofs, but many feel they present a look that is too industrial.

Wooden shake roofing is probably more ancient than slate, being cheaper as well as easier to create as many homeowners did in the old day, chopping down trees and splitting them into shingles to protect their homes. At the lower end of the scale, asphalt roofing remains always popular, mostly because compared to other roofing, it is less a drain on the checkbook, is long-lasting and offers good protection from the elements.

At least once a year every homeowner should have the roof inspected by a licensed and experienced roofing company, and when necessary, arrange for a solution to the problem, be it only a few shingles, a more extensive repair or a completely new roof. No homeowner can afford to let the roof fail in any way. Even a small leak begins not only to discolor the ceilings but cause serious unseen damage to the vital structure of the home.

In most cases, an inspection can be had at no cost or obligation. For buyers or sellers, they can usually have a certification of roof condition that may be very helpful in purchase and sale of a home.

Right now, before the real weather gets here, you should have your roof inspected by a pro. You’re not going to regret that.

Store Me: Bedroom Storage

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We are featuring some great products for storage in your bedroom this season. Check out what we have for children and adults. Try: Large Photo Keeper-Sku: 46296 Regular Price $39.99 SALE $29.99 at solutions-stores.ca Try: Kids Hanging Organizers- Sku:48385/6/8 Regular Price $9.99 SALE $5.99 at solutions-stores.ca Try: Solutions Covered Wardobe- Sku:47512 Regular Price $69.99 SALE $49.99 at solutions-stores.ca

Store Me: Laundry

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The easiest way to eliminate mess and clutter from your home is by making sure clothes that have been worn have a place to go. We have a variety of solutions to help you store your clothes before they go to the laundry room. These products are great for saving space. Try: Accordion Clothes Dryer- Sku: 41528 Regular Price $ 34.99 SALE 24.99 at solutions-stores.ca Try: Three Section Laundry Sorter-Sku: 49577 Regular Price $ 39.99 SALE $29.99 at solutions-stores.ca Try: …